Surely, as far as you are concerned, you want to attract attention in a positive way. This can be easier to solve when you know SOME TRICKS to highlight your feminine beauty.

I’ll talk to you about the “secrets of beauty” that even worked for me:

1. Spray your hair with chamomile tea

I’m going to tell you how this whole story started … three years ago my grandmother came and told me to wash my head and then rinse again with chamomile tea. I said “why not?” And I rinsed my hair with chamomile tea and then with water. After about 5 consecutive repetitions, I noticed the changed hair color, WAS OPEN !! – In conclusion, this trick works, but I only recommend it if you are a patient person;)

2. Apply the foundation with your fingers damp (fit better on the skin)

At first, I thought it was a myth, but when I tried, this “technique” seemed brilliant to me. The skin foundation lasts longer on the skin, stretches evenly, so it does not leave the famous mask look. Considering that in the morning, personally, I have no time or patience to use a beautyblender, I use my fingers and do my job very well.

Fond de ten

3.Cleanse makeup brushes every time

At first I did not do this, but after I was at the dermatologist, I listened to his advice. After a few months when I brushed my brushes every night, I realized how much my skin helped to evolve in a fairly short time. I used to keep my brushes in a container on the window sill, but I realized how much dust they absorb. I decided to put them in a box in the drawer.


4.Tooth whitening with sodium bicarbonate

Well this trick works since the first wash. All you have to do is use it instead of toothpaste. WARNING: DO NOT use it once every three weeks, otherwise it will damage your teeth !!!!


5. The foundation in the shade of your skin

Nothing more true … when choosing the right foundation, there’s no need to cover the neck area because the pigment will be natural, roughly identical to your skin.

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