In my opinion, it is a beautiful woman who has a beautiful smile. Whether wearing makeup or not, if dressed in training or dress, a perfect teeth will always make it stand out.

I’ll tell you my dental experience. One day I decided to improve my smile because I was dissatisfied with a few issues about my teeth.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

– choose your orthodontist carefully because you will meet him every month;

-arrange with great patience;

– be confident in the results that will appear;

-get to catch at least two birthdays with your device;

When I first entered the Doctor’s Office, it was explained in detail by me about the whole evolution of my teeth and the proper care of the dental apparatus. He gave me control of his teeth and explained to me what would be changed.

I was very excited when I noticed professionalism from my orthodontist.

A week ago I went to the cabinet to mount my dental appliance. I chose the fixed metal device because it was explained to me that it is most effective when it comes to the time it takes to wear it.

A MIT that has discouraged me has been “it will hurt you so bad that you will not even be able to eat.” Well, there was almost no pain in me. Indeed, on the first day I felt uncomfortable, but eventually it is normal given that a foreign body is in your mouth.

Weeks passed and I started to eat about anything … including chewing gum. It was the day I went to the first routine check. Everything was fine.

We have reached the second stage, the next year. Everything went perfectly, the evolution was full. At one of the consultations, the doctor gave me some elastic little ones that I had to wear on a daily basis, except for the moments when I ate. It was rather awkward and it seemed to have lasted for eternity.

Eventually I got to the end, I was grateful for my teeth although I still had the device.

ONE MINOR PAIN is the one in which you wear those elastics.


If you have problems similar to what I have, there will be some blue, small elastics that will be put between teeth. Those are TERRIBLE, but they should not be worn for a short time, so you’ll get rid of it quickly.

As far as the bottom of the camera is concerned, I have to admit that I had great emotions, but it did all very quickly and simply. She dropped my ligaments (the colored elastic ones that hold the wire), then the wire, and at the end she removed the brackets with a “toothpick”. He cleared my teeth in depth and handed me a mirror. When I saw what a beautiful smile I got, I knew it was absolutely worth it.


– If you feel pressure after NUROFEN / IBUPROFEN’s monthly activation

– pay attention to the interdental brush, if you do not take enough care of hygiene, yellow / brown spots on your teeth may appear


-Avoid the lollipops to prevent bracket detachment

– the wax of the orthodontist; this special wax will help prevent pain (lesions on the cheeks / lips / tongue due to the appliance elements)

– try all the colors of the ligaments (avoid yellow and white) DO NOT keep you black and transparent

SUCCESS, it’s worth it!


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