Whoever you ask about the secret of an enviable body tells you that sport is the key. Well, over time I realized that the most important factor is burning.

Not all ladies are lucky from this point of view, so I thought to give you some tips on “creating a harmonious body.”

Let me start with a short story about the “discovery” I have made. Because of some concepts related to the “ideal woman,” I’ve come to feel bad in my own skin. I decided to make a visit to the nutritionist, to know exactly where I am (I’m going to mention that I tried a lot of diets because of some people getting to the hospital with anemia). I told him from the beginning that I do not like to do sports and do not eat bread at all. The first thing this lady asked me to climb on a weighbridge (very strange). That one measured my weight, the water retention, and the fat that my body holds. When I sat in front of her, she told me I should feel lucky because I have very little water and fat retention. I was amazed because I always thought it was more “full of fun.”


– lazy metabolism: everything you eat is bloating

– normal metabolism: the food is digesting normally, keeping the weight

-accelerated metabolism: you’re always in shape, no matter how much you eat, you do not get fat


– small and frequent (about ¾ meals)

-lichids: drink plenty of water (has a lot of benefits)


-key foods: eggs, avocados, ginger, yogurt, apple, pepper, spinach, pineapple

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN I EXCURS WITH THE CHEESE IN A DAY? I clean a pommel and eat 2 slices, it helps me feel in shape.

Make time at least once a week for a walk through the park. It will do good to your body, because oxygenation is important.

Make yourself a program to keep in mind when it comes to meals

Eat healthy, do not just think of it weakened, it will make it hard for you to “do the job.” Until the change comes, accept yourself as you are!

If you want more details about your body when it comes to burns, do not hesitate to go to the nutritionist. It is important to talk to someone specializing in this.

Consume fruits and smoothies!

Hope to help with this article, please, if you have arrived here, write to me in the comment section about your secret that keeps you in shape!

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