Most of the times, we face the problem of adolescence, acne. Everyone has different needs for face treatments, but I’ve decided to give you little tips about who I’m sure they’ll help, I’ll tell you about my experience with acne, but how I got rid of her in -a short time.

Gold rules for a “clean” skin

-clean the skin every night, never sleep with makeup, no matter how tired you are

-To achieve the touch of the face during the day

-does acidified drinks

– Do not use expired products because your face absorbs everything you apply to it

-invest in quality products (what’s for you, it’s never too expensive)

-apply always a moisturizing cream on your face before you get make-up (will do miracles)

Now that I have clarified some aspects that you need to keep in mind all the time, I will move on to my experience, hoping that in your turn, you will take into account certain things.

Within 2 years I tried all sorts of creams, gels and diets to get rid of acne. I have come to give up milk, cheese and other fats, but without any miraculous effect. I have tried including face masks with fruits, honey, and others, but no results ….

I decided to go to a dermatologist and this one told me Zinerit. I bought it from the pharmacy and used it for 2 weeks until my skin burned (which is true I did not have so many baskets). I began to have peeling and red spots, and then I stopped treatment. I was hopeless believing that I would have much to bear for acne, and I started using only homemade soap, acne was just as pronounced. On my birthday, I received a travel set from La roche-posay. It was a while and I said to use them to finish them before they expired. I used them for approx. a week and my acne almost no longer exists. I was so excited that I went to the pharmacy and recovered the whole set (cream + gel for cleaning). I have to tell you that cream is highly recommended as a makeup base.

Some important details:

– Use the products for two weeks, then take a break for a few days

-Do not panic if acne occurs during menstruation, it is absolutely normal

Now that I have come so far, I recommend that you try all possible options because your face may not react well to these products, but be helped by other remedies. Do not ruin a dermatologist control because you can be lucky to have the recommended treatment.

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