When time does not allow you to go to the salon to make your manicure, you can become your manicurist, investing in a few products you will use for a long time, and more than that, you will put your heart and dedication because it’s for you.

What you need:

-UV light

– abrasive pipe


-perfect cleaning

-premium / base coat

-top coat / finish

-brush transparent base gel

-colored gel (I do not recommend white)

-sprit / nail scrub / cleaner

– small cotton towels, special / cleansing disks




Steps to achieve:

-clears the nail in depth of any trace of gel / crack / or other, uses a buffer to loosen the surface of the nail, creates the desired shape -with the brush to remove the dust from the nail

– apply the primer in a thin layer and dry the lamp for 2 minutes

-expand the surplus with a floppy disk you put in – put a layer of transparent gel and dry it in the lamp

-apply a thin layer of colored gel

– add another layer of gel and then delete the surplus

-sign the nail with a generous transparent gel layer and then flatten the nail with the abrasive pile

– use the top coat and dry it in the lamp for 3 minutes

– remove excess alcohol / cleaner and apply a moisturizing cream to your hands

Regarding the semipermanent oiler, the process is simpler:


-clears the nail, “piles” the buffer, removes the dust

– apply the primer and dry in the lamp

– remove the surplus and apply a thin layer of oil and adds a thin layer

– clean the excess with alcohol and apply a special finish for the semi polish

– remove the excess after drying and apply a moisturizing cream on your hands

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