It was hard enough for me to decide where to place it first because I’m a great fan of hand creams with different odors, but I did this ranking by both smell and texture.

  1. YVES ROCHER, Vanille Burbon, is by far my favorite hand cream because it has a very pleasant smell, absorbs immediately into the skin, and has the nicest packaging.
  2. PALMER’S, Raw Shea, it has an indescribable odor, does not contain parabens, sulphates or dyes, and is made from natural products. The texture is a bit greasy and fatter, absorbs a bit harder.crema3
  3. URODA, Melisa, this cream is purchased from the pharmacy, has floral ingredients, and vitamin E. It absorbs instantly into the skin, and leaves a fine touch to the touch.CREMA5.JPG
  4. AVON, Cocoa Butter, a chocolate-smelling hand cream, which also contains cocoa butter and vitamin E, with a pretty oily texture.crema1
  5. Because I am a loyal customer to the pharmacy, I have received a handful of cream, a mineral that I just fell in love with. It has an odor that takes me to a spring full of plants, and it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Dr. OlenGIN

SCRUB: AVON, a spa planet that removes dry skin, and leaves hands soft. What’s right, the smell is not very pleasant, but … that’s it.

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