Today I will talk to you about the most commonly used lipsticks, and in this category I will add liquid lipsticks and glosses.

Usually, we choose the hue of lipstick according to several criteria: mood, season, but also according to our tastes.

I personally prefer the shades of purple, purple, red, and sometimes I like the naked, but not overly open.

1. NYX “soft matte lip cream” liquid lipsticks come first, because they have a creamy texture, and the most important thing is that besides resistance, when they start to “go”, it leaves a pleasant look for your lips.

I use the most common hue of Transylvania.

ruj12. I proudly place the lipstick from ASTOR on the 2nd place, being the most resistant and most intense liquid lipstick I have ever had. A small disadvantage is that it dries the lips a little, but it does its job very well. I usually apply it in the evening before I go out in town because the strong color seems to me exaggerated for the day. It has two heads, one with a matte lipstick and the other with a gloss rich in vitamins.

I have it in the hue 225


3. The third place is the Douglas stick lipstick, the Purple addict shade, a gorgeous cherry. This lipstick was my first dark lip color to discover my passion for dark colors. It has small glitter particles through it, which offers some pleasant reflections.


4. I decided to add here only CATRICE in the 100 Violet Potion shade, because it is very pronounced, it dries her lips. What I like very much at this lipstick is that it resists the lips for a long time, and does not transfer.


5. Always hearing about KYLIE lipsticks, I decided to order two lipsticks. The Commando disappointed me a little because, leaving aside the extreme difference between the hue on the site and the one in reality (it is the site, not the original because I took it from a Romanian site at a much higher price than the one in America), I found out how unsightly it is on my lips during the day, and how ugly it looks when it ‘disappears’ (unfortunately partially). Of course it also has good parts, such as the smell of chocolate / other fruits, the pigmentation, the appearance of the packaging, the brush, and the “matte finish”.



-use the lipstick made home, 10 minutes before applying the lipstick.

– white / preferably black brown

– a drop of lemon a teaspoon of water

– a pinch of cinnamon powder / cocoa powder

-apply this mixture on your lips and let it act for two / three minutes.

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