It’s 23:34 and I decided to share my thoughts before I slept. I stayed and I thought of the word “woman” and what really means beauty.

As people catalog a beautiful girl / woman in shape or face. There is nothing wrong with this until the standards are in place for society, and those who do not have the 90-60-90 measures, those who have acne or are full of fits do not fit into the “ideal”.

I would like to change this concept of ideal because I think it is not healthy for us. It is good to want more from you, to have the ideal kilos of your body, to have the shape of the face and the cheeks according to your structure and the rest, but everything to starvation, and drastic measures just because you see women on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and the rest, who have the perfect body and face without even a wrinkle or a sign.

I hate this thinking, “I want to change to please others.” I think if you want a change, you do it strictly for yourself, to feel good in your skin.

And by the way, does not it seem like everyone likes everyone? They all want the same shape of the nose, they all want the same type of lips, they all have the same bronze, all have the same shape on the breasts and the list can continue. All I want to say is that I love the changes, I like aesthetic measurements with measure, and I appreciate the women who want to be beautiful for them, but I have a problem with those people who influence a man’s thinking about him, just for a defect or two , which eventually offers unique status in a world more and more full of … children.

Recently I realized how little did the mischievous opinions count, when the person next to me totally appreciates me and loves me even the so-called “defects”.

I put this word in quotation marks, because they are beginning to think more and more that there are no defects, but only unique features that make us anonymous and make us different.

I hope that this confession, which has freed me inside, will even change your thinking about the term “beautiful exterior”. I have not written about inner beauty anymore, because these kinds of articles are found everywhere, and also tonight, I just thought about what I told you.


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