Today I decided to reveal to you my shake recipe to be tested when other drinks become too often consumed. Both in the warm and cold season, a shake of this kind is perfect for enjoying with family or friends.

For me this drink is the salvation solution for the sweetness of the sweet, because it is very tasty and gives me energy. Every time I enjoy it and enjoy it for a long time, though I must admit that outside this preparation, I am not a fan of these biscuits.

You need the ingredients you certainly have in the house: Oreo biscuits (70g), cream, (200ml) cold milk and vanilla ice cream (70g):

The preparation is as follows:

-add some of the biscuits, milk and vanilla ice cream in the blender, and then mix until they become homogeneous

Tip: For the first time crack the biscuits well, then add the rest

-when you get the drink, pour it into your glasses and add Oreo shredded. Whisk everything with cream and if you want add a whole biscuit for a nice look.

Number of portions: 2

Ready in 30 minutes!!!

Very easy to prepare!!!

As a drawback, I can only say that you should not eat it more than twice a week because it could affect your silhouette.

It can be seasoned with different toppings for everyone’s taste and I guarantee that you will receive lots of praise when you serve it to your loved ones.



“You can not eat good food and so. You need to talk about her. And you have to talk about it with someone who understands good food and everything it means “- Kurt Vonnegut

“When you eat sweets, you share it with everyone”

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” – Anthelme Brillat

“Some people do better with sweets.” – Harvey Weinstein

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