It is said that morning food is essential to a successful day. That is why I will suggest some menu ideas for the days you are in a hurry, but also for the quiet moments of certain mornings.

I will start with the agitated times of the day, because we are often running to be punctual or just to be like me. The person who chooses to sleep 20 minutes instead of eating. That’s why I’ll give you some recipes that will make you much easier in the morning.

One of your favorite breakfasts is spiced meat with many spices. Generally prepare it for the evening in the “Dry Cooker” with the spices, and the next day move it out of the glass bowl into a casserole. As a dessert I like to add pineapple to this menu because it has many properties and is very tasty. He also cuts it in the evening and puts it in the fridge until the next morning.

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Yogurt is part of my diet more than 40%, it is healthy and tasteful, which is delicious from my point of view. I buy it in the specific carton box, from the bio products. When I pack it, I put in a bag some biscuits with oats or a banana.

Now let’s talk about those moments in which we do not press our time, when we wake up after 9 o’clock and we are completely relaxed. In those mornings I prefer warm, but easy to make meals, though .. the truth is that I adore those moments in which I prepare food without hurrying someone, but unfortunately this happens quite rarely because most of the people are busy during the week.

When it comes to these early days, I really like the omelette that I add my fat, cheese, cheese, spices and … soul. Next to this add some cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. but we do not forget the desert, which is ideal for me if it contains strawberries cut with sugar or grapes.



Another delicious menu is a spinach “pudding” with a little apple, which goes ideally with some oatmeal and a few slices of apple. I personally give me energy throughout the day. This generally requires a biscuit or some bran.


As for liquids, I do not go anywhere without a bottle of water, and at home I sometimes add a drop of lemon or shock syrup to the water in order to have a pleasant taste. There is not a day when I do not drink 2 liters of water because I made this mistake and in time, I realized how beneficial the water is in our lives.

I hope she inspired this article because I know how hard it is to find a breakfast to suit your taste so that you fit in a certain amount of time. Do not forget, if you want a nice day, load yourself positively early in the morning with “fresh forces,” in conclusion, do NOT skip breakfast!

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