When we say bio, we mean everything that means healthy, with the exception of food additives, and when we count on unhealthy food, it’s about the chemicals that food is grown / processed.

Organic foods greatly improve our lives, make us feel more energetic, maintain a proper weight, and help us with the whole system. The terms “bio”, “eco” and “organic” differ only in term, but the meaning is the same.

From my own experience, changing the eating style was the best choice. Over time, I managed to reduce the consumption of dyes, sweeteners and thickening agents. I replaced the white sugar with the red wine, which is four times as sweet as normal, I gave up the pork. I realized how much my life changed, I became much safer on my health.

Have you ever wondered why you choose fast-food? Well the aesthetics offered by dyes, the advertisement but also the limitation of the time allocated to the tables is the cause. Unfortunately, more than half of the population is affected. The number of people suffering from obesity is rising and one-third of infarcts are due to chaotic diet, according to medical professor Salim Yusuf. Fast-food foods affect the brain in some cases.

Bio products are more expensive than fast food and are based on price-quality ratio.

I think people around us can influence both positively and negatively. Let me give you an example: when you are with your group of friends in the city and they prefer unhealthy food, you tend to do like them, but if you have some friends with a balanced diet, you will inevitably steal them from their habits. Media materials can also influence us. I often see videos of the process by which fast food is obtained, and then, in the corner of the page, there is a picture of a beautiful pack containing different ” caloric bombs ”.

Someone said, “I can not change you, but I can make you understand.”


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