What can be more unpleasant than a hair damage and dry when anything you do anything does not work .. well with this problem I’ve been experiencing a lot of time but soon I find the perfect remedy!

How do you realize the damaged hair?

Starting from the toes that are extremely burned, we get to the unpleasant aspect of hair, and last but not least, a problem is the excessive hair loss (sometimes because of stress).

To remember

Hair with spiked spikes can NOT regenerate / heal

How do you prevent damage?

The most important thing is to visit the hairdresser every month to cut your hair a few inches or two. This not only eliminates the possibility of splitting but will improve the growth process.

Do not forget to hydrate every day and eat healthy and fresh foods.

Be careful to use every time you wash your hair with an oil mask or hair conditioner, carefully choose the shampoo you use and do not stop at first, but try more until you find the right one.

How did I get rid of a damaged hair?

I painted once at the peaks, blossoming my hair and applying an open blonde (at the salon), and then for one year I avoided brushing my hair because I wanted a very long hair. I’ve come to have a long hair, V-cut with blond peaks. One day, I was looking at a familiar vlogger, and I realized how unassuming I had in comparison to her hair. Then I made the decision to make a change. The next day I went to the drawing room and I cut a little longer over my shoulders with a slightly curved straight shape. I removed all the “burned” part, and then, once a week, apply castor oil or almond oil after washing it.

How do I take care of it even if I use the straightener?

I am one of the most voluminous and slightly creased hair possessors, so I straighten them with the help of the hair plate for the most part. To protect it, I use a thermo-protective serum, and in the evening I sleep with him in a queue.

I do not get used to dry my feather hair too often, but when the weather is cold, I only dry my roots, take a vest and leave my hair on my back, taking care of it from time to time to comb it slightly.

Use almond, olive, coconut, castor oil, etc. in certain cases, and if you want a permanent hair, use keratin, but only with the help of a specialist.

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