Many are asking themselves before going to the hall for certain things, but most of the opinions are divided. Well, of course, a fitness coach will tell you something, and a beginner will have a whole different answer to this topic.

I’m not a professional and for now I have little experience with the room, but I want to share my experience so far.

Today I will tell you what prompted me to go to the gym, how I chose the place and what were my impressions when I started to get in touch with this “world.”

I decided to go to the gym because I wanted a positive change, and I can say that a strong influence came from the desire to show each day better and better.

When I first entered the gym

When I stepped into that place for the first time, I must admit that I was emotionally uncomfortable, and it was quite unpleasant to have the feeling that everyone was back to me (you will be the same but you get used to it quickly). The first training was complicated because it was something new to me and I wanted to get the most out of my experience.

As far as after the gym, two days we had muscle fever in the legs (thighs in particular), but it passed and everything was ok.

Did I have a coach?

I think then that when you are at the beginning of the journey, it is very important to have someone to guide you both in nutrition and in terms of exercises.

Each body is different and requires another type of exercise, also a coach will know exactly what you need and will teach you to perform the exercises correctly.

I had, I will also have a coach because it helps me evolve faster. Why do they say that? There are people who do only 3 hours of cardio and have delayed results, but also people who make an intense cardio and hip room hours and have results just after the first 6 months (depending on each person’s body).

How did I choose the right gym?

It is very difficult to find the right place first because most of the time the opinions differ from one person to another and not always what you see on the internet is real.

I chose the room after I was in several places accompanied by a coach, and he noticed which room was sufficiently equipped with the necessary equipment, while I was paying attention to the air in the room, whether it was a clean one, but also everything related to the hygiene of the room.

What did I packed in my bag for the gym?

Well, after setting up in which gym we are doing, it is very important to prepare a room bag for you to have:

-small towel(you have to take it with you in the room for the appliances)

-bottle with water (I recommend you take two small bottles, one for when you finish)

-shoes (initially invests in a pair of sneakers with the price between 40-50 Euros, I recommend the shop Hervis)

-deodorant, lip balm, cleansing wet napkins, hairpack

-the equipment: blouse + pants (recommend Decathlon)

-changing blouse

-a pair of sports socks for the gym

-Do not forget the ID because it will use you as a guarantee at the gym

That being said, I wish you success with the training and I advise you to do this with pleasure because it relaxes you, transfers you to another universe, without thoughts of everyday life, and also helps you to look exactly how you always wanted!


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