We are all pleased with the spring, this brings the warmth, the sun, the green, but above all, announces the coming of the summer.

Until the beginning of the marriage month, we continued to use thick sweaters, buffaloes, and winter boots, but now that grades + have come, we need to refurbish our wardrobe with some thinner clothes.

Tip: What I recommend is to keep 2/3 thick sweaters because there may be a cold wave. You also do not have to miss your scarves, they will protect your neck and give your outfit a special touch.

The specific colors of spring 2018 are PINK-LILIAC and all the explosion of vibrant colors.

Nina Ricci.jpg

photo credit: Nina Ricci

This year wearing the dresses that leave the shoulders and the neck in sight, the white, the volunteers and the multicolored sequins predominate. Still in the trend, the black and white striped prints, combined in an impressive harmony with a girdle or fur. Do not forget about fringes!

Vogue paiete


photo credit: Vogue

The resistance piece is the reinterpreted jeans, the high-waisted, the light-colored and the classic ones, which outline the outfit.

In terms of jackets, I recommend trenches, geeks in ecological leather, denim ones but very practical are jackets jackets, advise you to jump to the shirts at the beginning of April (depending on the temperature of each city) because they are practical from 20 degrees up.

You can safely choose seasonal boots, sandals, and sneakers, which are both casual and matching with a floral or pastel print dress.

Tom Ford.jpg

photo credit: Tom Ford

According to fashion specialists, 2018 comes with a surprise of proportions, more precisely, the trends are “wearing what you represent”. This year you will have to find your own style / styles.

I believe that adopting more styles is welcome as long as you feel comfortable with what you wear and do it with pride.

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