Today’s topic? The food. We often received advice such as “if you do not eat anymore”, “if you do not drink 2 liters of water daily,” “eat without bread”, “never eat fast food”, trying all sorts of diets and starvation, I have formed certain perceptions about the human body.

According to doctors, it is very important for health to eat fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products daily. Nutritionists urge you to avoid potatoes, bananas and many other foods.

Well, my point is that in order to discover your body needs, it is very important to try more solutions.

If you’re upset, go to the gym three times a week and inform yourself about various eating tricks. If you just want to keep up with your existing weight, do not forget about sports. This is the most important help. Eat everything that the body requires and regrets.

I hear very often girls who complain that they are fat because they have 60kg or more. It depends on the height and construction of each one. If someone has a more solid construction, he will never have a model body because he does not allow his structure, or a very weak and tall girl, he does eat as much as he does not get fat because he has good burns from “mother nature”.

In conclusion, it is good to take care of some aspects of nutrition and sport, but we often have to thank ourselves for what we have received, because some body features can only be changed by aesthetics or years of intensive gym.


Cheats for a perfect silhouette:

-eat a fruit daily (do not overdo it because it contains a lot of sugar in large quantities)

-always take a small bottle of water with you when you go, try to drink at least a liter of liquid each day (if on certain days your body does not ask for more than 1 l of water you will not get anything, I assure you)

-when you do things in the office, take your favorite cup and fill it with tea -Take time to go for a walk in the park on Saturday

-go to the gym, do not buy your own devices (you will be more motivated to do exercises when you go to a place full of energetic people)

-eat twice a week what you love, avoid KFC, MC, etc. for health reasons, but you can look for spicy fins recipes and make your own menus, right at your home

-replaces common white sugar with cane

eat chocolate when you want, but watch out for the quantity

-do not forget about soups, they are very important in digestion

In conclusion, be careful to eat as healthy as possible, but thank your little appetite from time to time…? ?

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