Today I want to share with you my secret for a fine skin and no “strawberry” aspect of my legs or hands. It often happens that the skin has an unpleasant appearance either from the sun, epilation or many other factors.

From my point of view, the best method of eliminating bodily hair loss remains the hair removal device, but even after using it, these ladybugs are found on the skin, but I found the solution:

How do I take care of my skin?

When I shower, I get to take a small bowl of my own with me to put the remaining coffee in the filter with a teaspoon of honey. As for cleaning the skin, I use homemade soap (I know it does not smell too interesting). I do this daily and I say thanks to my skin.

There is no time to not use body butter, oil or a moisturizing cream after shower / bath.

Recommended: Johnson baby oil, for dry / sunburned skin.

Bio oil is on the top when it comes to body oils.

Recently I discovered this body butter that I’m in love with Cien body Coconut Butter, I wholeheartedly recommend it!


What can you do for a bright skin?

-drink a lot of water

-consume fresh fruits and vegetables

-use sunscreen when appropriate

One last tip that I can give you is to remember, the skin is more sensitive than it seems, it irritates slightly, but if you give it the necessary attention, it can really be a treasure.


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