Smoothie miracle for the beginning of the day

I’m sure that many of us have had the breakfast problem at least once. For various reasons, more or less plausible, we always find excuses “I can not wake up”, “I do not have time”, “I have no appetite.”     Having this difficulty in the morning, I started with small and safe steps:   Every evening I prepare a BOTTLE containing the juice of a lemon or orange, raspberry syrup / strawberry / etc. and some grapes or pieces of fruit for the interior decor ..


Not enough detail, I realized that I needed a meal more consistent than a juice, so I started to document the recipes for smoothie.


– it is not advisable to consume daily smoothies containing over 20% of the fruit because they are “squeezed” by the device, assimilate much faster in the body, and the problem is the sugar they have in the composition

– the more green the more beneficial


Here’s my smoothie recipe DELICIOS & HEALTH:

– spinach leaves

– Half the green apple


-the water a spoonful of honey

This is it!

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