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How To Look Less Tired In 4 Easy Steps

Honestly, the mornings are not my speciality, but in time I found the perfect solution for my skin appearence and I want to show you how to look less tired very fast. FACIAL MASSAGE I am the biggest fan of facial massage, at any time of the day, especially in the morning, when my complexion […]

How to grow on instagram (0 to 10k)

You certainly thought at least once of your potential success on instagram, but with all the ambition in the world, you were capped at a mediocre number of followers. Today I will teach you how to increase the number of your online visitors Quality If it’s necessary, wake up in the morning before sunrise to […]

Salad with three

  Because in my last post we talked about the coming of summer, let’s not forget the silhouette, a very important thing especially for the girls. Here’s what I eat and what I’m reducing from May to the fall for my body… Green vegetables are very important for digestion, moisturize, skin elasticity, carrots, milk and […]

Smoothie miracle for the beginning of the day

Smoothie miracle for the beginning of the day I’m sure that many of us have had the breakfast problem at least once. For various reasons, more or less plausible, we always find excuses “I can not wake up”, “I do not have time”, “I have no appetite.”     Having this difficulty in the morning, […]

Skin without imperfections

Today I want to share with you my secret for a fine skin and no “strawberry” aspect of my legs or hands. It often happens that the skin has an unpleasant appearance either from the sun, epilation or many other factors. From my point of view, the best method of eliminating bodily hair loss remains […]

Eat what you want and look perfect, find out what is the most important factor in maintaining

Today’s topic? The food. We often received advice such as “if you do not eat anymore”, “if you do not drink 2 liters of water daily,” “eat without bread”, “never eat fast food”, trying all sorts of diets and starvation, I have formed certain perceptions about the human body. According to doctors, it is very […]

What do we wear in spring-summer 2018?

We are all pleased with the spring, this brings the warmth, the sun, the green, but above all, announces the coming of the summer. Until the beginning of the marriage month, we continued to use thick sweaters, buffaloes, and winter boots, but now that grades + have come, we need to refurbish our wardrobe with […]

Everything about the beginning of going to the gym

Many are asking themselves before going to the hall for certain things, but most of the opinions are divided. Well, of course, a fitness coach will tell you something, and a beginner will have a whole different answer to this topic. I’m not a professional and for now I have little experience with the room, […]

Things you should do at least once if you are a teenager/ woman

Everyone felt at one point the need to spend precious time with ourselves. That’s why I thought it was a good idea to talk about different actions in our favor, but also the benefits of moments in ourselves. I also hope that they will be of all help to you, and that you will be […]