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How To Look Less Tired In 4 Easy Steps

Honestly, the mornings are not my speciality, but in time I found the perfect solution for my skin appearence and I want to show you how to look less tired very fast. FACIAL MASSAGE I am the biggest fan of facial massage, at any time of the day, especially in the morning, when my complexion […]

How to grow on instagram (0 to 10k)

You certainly thought at least once of your potential success on instagram, but with all the ambition in the world, you were capped at a mediocre number of followers. Today I will teach you how to increase the number of your online visitors Quality If it’s necessary, wake up in the morning before sunrise to […]

Salad with three

  Because in my last post we talked about the coming of summer, let’s not forget the silhouette, a very important thing especially for the girls. Here’s what I eat and what I’m reducing from May to the fall for my body… Green vegetables are very important for digestion, moisturize, skin elasticity, carrots, milk and […]